Friday, May 04, 2007

April Performance for Strategies

April was another strong month in the market. We would highlight 12 month performance for several strategies: Focused 13D +42.1%; Select REIT +31.8%; Dynamic High Yield +24.2%; Focused Analyst Growth +21.9%; Focused International Equity +18.5%; Dynamic Global Macro +17.9%; Dynamic Bond Plus +16.6%; and Dynamic Beta +15.4%. Full performance data can be viewed at the Wind River Advisors website. Contact us about managed account programs. Past performance is not a guarantee of future performance.

A comment is also appropriate for our asset allocation models. The Absolute Return Growth Model, which is a combination of mostly Dynamic Strategies, has a goal of 10% per year and 2.5% per quarter with moderate drawdown. Over the past 2 years, 1 year and 3 months it has returned 29.8%, 14.8% and 5.2%, respectively - well exceeding the benchmark. This was accomplished with a maximum month-end drawdown of only 2.2% since 12/31/04. Likewise the Absolute Return Income Model returned 24.9%, 15.6%, and 3.64% over the prior 2 years, 1 year and 3-month time frames, respectively, versus a benchmark return of 8% per year and 2% per quarter. Maximum drawdown was 2.8% since 12/31/04.

Strategy Update: Year-to-date, the Focused 13D Strategy has risen 23.4% through today's market close, making it our best performing strategy. Note the chart compares the Strategy return to the S&P 500 beginning at the end of November 2006 and does not reflect today's 0.63% return for the strategy.


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